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Our Story

A local mom's journey to create Baby Gear Group.

Sleeping Baby

Hi! I'm Bo and a local Philadelphia mom.  My husband and I relocated to Philly in 2013 to complete graduate programs at UPenn.  We love living here and being a part of this community.  Pre-COVID, you might have seen us at Baby Wordplay, the Rittenhouse library, or a Fitler Moms meetup. 

My baby girl was born in December 2018. Becoming her mom has been the most rewarding experience of my life, but getting all her baby gear was a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive process.  

I wasn’t sure what items I needed.  I did a ton of research, but all the reviews and advice just contradicted each other.  As a scientist, I've conducted research for a living, and I was still so confused and overwhelmed!  


While we could technically afford some premium and luxury baby items, I didn't really want to pay so much for things she might not even use, or only use for a few months.  I'd rather spend that money on experiences or save for her education.


But at the same time, I wanted to give my baby the best start to life.  Maybe that $200 ergonomic Baby Bjorn bouncer really is better for their development than the $20 Fisher-Price one???

​I liked the idea of getting things second-hand, to save money and be environmentally sustainable.  

But I didn't want to deal with internet strangers and potentially get dirty or broken items, or waddle my way through a gigantic consignment sale.

​Eventually, I made my decisions, and I thought I was done. But the struggle didn’t stop. 

There were so many things we didn’t end up using. Or we ended up needing another version of it.  

And babies change so quickly, there was even more gear we needed to buy for her as she grew.      

We ended up with several different carriers because my baby was born too small for the one we had ready.  

The $1400 bassinet... she didn’t like to sleep in it.  

The $200 swing with all the features… baby hated it. 

The $1,000 luxury stroller… too heavy and I couldn’t get out of the house with it by myself.  

The list goes on…

The thing is, every mom has these stories! And that purchase regret is so painful! 

Even for the savviest mom, there’s just no way to predict what items will actually work for your baby and your family’s lifestyle until you try them at home.   

3 different high chairs, 4 different strollers, and countless swaddles from midnight online shopping later, I found myself wishing...

  • Could someone please just tell me what gear I'll need and let me try them at home, so I can see if they work, and I don't have to expose myself or my baby to germs?  

  • Can I get the nicer stuff but also not spend an arm and a leg?  

  • I'm happy to get pre-loved items, but are they going to be clean and complete?  

  • And can someone get these things out of my home when I'm done so it’s not cluttering up my limited space and I don't have to think about storing or selling them? 

There was nothing that helped moms like me with this, and thus the idea for Baby Gear Group, a baby gear library, was born!  

I've been there, I get it, so Baby Gear Group became what I and all my mom friends wished existed!  


If I had the ability to borrow baby gear from a trusted source...


I would have tried the Halo Bassinet, the Magic Merlin sleep suit, and the 4moms mamaRoo.  

I would have saved thousands and instead put that money towards a birth doula, postpartum doulas, or childcare.  

I would have borrowed that jogging stroller for our vacation so it wouldn't be taking up space in my closet right now.  

My mission is to help make this journey into parenthood easier for you, because it shouldn't have to be so hard, or so expensive!  New parents deserve as much support as they can get!  

Baby Gear Group will help you reduce stress, save money, reduce clutter, and be more sustainable.  

There are so many things to think through as a new parent: birth plans, breastfeeding vs formula, reflux, allergies, childcare, sleep schedules, choosing a pediatrician, medical issues, etc...  Let us take baby gear off your plate.  

Please check out the Memberships page or contact us!  I hope you will join us! 

Want to know more?

Feel free to email Bo or give her a call at 248-660-0818. Baby Gear Group is a local, mom-founded business that serves our community.

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