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How it Works

& FAQs


Try at Home

​Select a Membership Plan and choose your items. We deliver!  

(or rent a la carte)


Swap and Repeat

Swap out items as your needs change and baby grows.  We'll pick up!


Use What Works

Babies have strong opinions!  Use items that work for as long as needed. 

Borrow all the gear you need for a flat membership price.

Plans start at $49 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get items without a membership?
    Yes, you can rent items a la carte! Maybe for a trip or to try-before-you-buy. Please contact us at to check availability and pricing.
  • What if I need more items? I have twins!
    If you need even more, Contact Us regarding the Comprehensive/Twin Membership Plan.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    Deposits are fully refundable upon return of all items with all parts and in undamaged condition, except normal wear and tear.
  • Will I save money?
    The average family spends $6,000 on baby gear in the first year. With Baby Gear Group, get more and spend less. Save over 50% off buying retail, guaranteed.** Go ahead, go nuts!
  • Which plan is right for me?
    The plans differ mainly in the number of items you can check out at once. If you’re not sure of your needs, just start with the Mini plan at only $49 per month. You can change plans at any time. You’re always protected under the Money Back Value Guarantee, so you’re always saving money over buying outright, even if you don’t check out the maximum number of items.
  • ​Can I purchase/keep something I love?
    Yes, please just let us know if you’d like to purchase or keep a borrowed item. We will offer it at a discounted retail price, which credits a portion of your membership fee. If you accept, we will charge your credit card on file.
  • Do I even need a registry anymore?
    Yes, you can still have a traditional registry experience for items specific to your baby, like car seats, keepsakes, bottles, and diapers!
  • What if I only want a few items, do I have to purchase a membership?
    At this time, we may be able to accommodate per item checkouts on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us. However, we feel that there is tremendous value to a membership in having freedom to try items without the mental accounting of stressing over the price of each item. There are often product features that you don’t think to take into account, or sometimes, inexplicably, your baby just doesn’t like an item. If you only wanted a few items, a membership will still save you money because of our Money Back Value Guarantee. You’ll never pay more than 50% of retail for use of an item. See examples below.
  • How does the Money Back Value Guarantee work?
    The guarantee is designed so that you don't waste money, in case life happens and you don't use the membership as much as anticipated. At the end of your membership, you’ll be refunded any membership fees that exceed 50% of the new retail value of your items. Example 1: You purchase a More Monthly Plan, and only used the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair for 12 months. Total gear value - $200. Membership fee (More - Monthly Plan for 12 months) - $2,388. After refund, you paid only - $100. Example 2: You use the Comprehensive Plan for almost all of your baby gear needs for one year. Total gear value - $5,000. Membership fee (Comprehensive - Annual Plan) - $3,899. After refund, you paid only - $2,500.
  • Do I have to select items right away? When will I be charged?
    You can take your time to select items. When you register for a membership, you are charged the initial deposit and first month (or year, depending on the plan). However, your membership time doesn’t start until you receive your first items. Fair, right? So the next charge doesn't occur until one month (or year) after that date and recurs accordingly until you cancel. No rush! You're not losing anything by becoming a member too early or taking too long to select items. Whenever you’re ready, you can select items from our Gear Page or simply contact us via email or text with your requests.
  • What items are available? Can I request an item not listed?
    See the Gear page for the current list of items. You can absolutely request items, and we will get them for you! We’re adding new items and new categories to the collection all the time and would love your suggestions.
  • I’m sick of doing research. I’m still not sure what I want, will you help me choose?
    Absolutely! We can recommend items based on your lifestyle and needs. Keep trying things out until you find the perfect fit.
  • When will items be delivered?
    We make every effort to add stock to meet demand for members with newborns and young infants, so that there's never a waitlist. We will ship or deliver as soon as possible, or at a future time of your choosing. If your items are new, shipping will depend on availability from the retailer or manufacturer, which is typically around 1-2 weeks. If your item is in our inventory, it can be delivered as early as the same day or next day. Please let us know if you are unable to accept shipments due to high risk of porch theft. We will arrange to have a courier deliver items at a time when you are home.
  • What happens when I’m done with an item? How can I swap out an item?
    Want to try something else? Or simply done with an item? Just contact us via web form, email, or text with your desired replacement item(s) or return request. New parents are busy, reach us however you can. No apps or passwords to remember. We’ll arrange for return shipping (for smaller items) or for pickup (for larger items). Your next item will be shipped upon our receipt of the returned item, or delivered at the same time as pickup.
  • Are items new or pre-loved?
    Your items are a mix of new and pre-loved. All pre-loved items are recent models in excellent condition. Any items not meeting quality expectations are removed from the collection. If you would simply prefer all new items, we can accommodate! A 50% increase will simply be added to your monthly membership fee.
  • How are items cleaned and inspected between users?
    All items are cleaned and sanitized between users according to manufacturer instructions, such as high temperature wash, alcohol solutions, or baby-friendly detergents. We also inspect to make sure that all parts are present and in working order. Baby gear is generally well designed to be durable and easy to clean since everyone knows babies are messy!
  • I’m dissatisfied with the arrival condition of an item, what now?
    Please contact us within 7 days of arrival of the item and we will help you troubleshoot or replace the item for you ASAP.
  • Item limits & delivery limits.
    At home delivery/swap limits are per calendar month and are described in each plan. Additional at-home deliveries/swaps can be scheduled for $40 each. For the safety of our drivers, we will deliver to your dwelling's outermost door. For a multi-unit building, we will deliver to the lobby/entrance area. We will not enter your home. If you need assistance beyond this threshold, up stairs, etc, please email us. Item limits are described in each plan. Further, Mini, Basic, and More plans limit Premium and Premium+ items to 1 per identical item. The Comprehensive plan limits Premium and Premium+ items to 2 per identical item. Wanting additional items will require upgrading plans. You can downgrade at any time as well when you no longer need the higher item count. You are always protected by the Money Back Value Guarantee if you don't take full advantage of the upgraded plan.
  • What if I want to change or cancel my membership?
    You can change or cancel your membership at any time (one month minimum applies to cancellations). Simply contact us via email or text. For a plan upgrade, your fee will be prorated based on the date you began using the new membership plan. For example, you will be charged the new rate when you receive your additional item(s). If you are downgrading plans, your charge will be changed on the next billing cycle occurring after our receipt of excess outstanding items. If you select more items than your plan allows for, we will confirm your intention before upgrading your plan and delivering your additional items. If you are cancelling, please return all items before your next charge date. Simply contact us to schedule a pick up. Your membership fees will continue until all items are returned or bought out.
  • Can friends and family or my company contribute to the membership?
    Yes, anyone can contribute to your membership by purchasing a gift card. Gift cards are automatically applied to your membership fee and deposit to your active membership or upon registration.
  • Can I sell you my unwanted baby gear?
    If you have items in excellent condition that you purchased new within the past 2 years and you no longer need, you can submit them into the Baby Gear Library! Upon acceptance of your item, we'll offer you membership credit which you can use for yourself or give to a friend. Credit will vary depending on item and condition. Please email with a proof of purchase and item photo(s).
  • When do I get my deposit back?
    After you cancel your membership, you will get your deposit back within 30 days of our receipt of all outstanding items. Gift cards cannot be used for deposits.
  • Will I really save money? Why don’t I just purchase second-hand?
    Baby Gear Group was created by a mom who’s been in your shoes, to make things easier and better for new parents, including spending less money. With our Money Back Value Guarantee, you spend no more than 50% of the retail cost of those items. It’s a much better experience and much less work than buying and reselling. ​Purchasing second-hand is great, except that there’s no guarantee the item you want is available. Good deals are gone quickly and not everyone has the time and energy to scour Facebook Marketplace or drive all over picking up items. Plus you risk items being misrepresented, incomplete, or unacceptably dirty with no recourse. Selling takes effort too, making posts, juggling responses, and having people come to your home! With Baby Gear Group, you have the ease of one point of contact for everything. No more purchase mistakes or wasted money on items babies barely use. No more clutter in your home.
  • But I could store items for later children or just resell stuff...
    Many people don’t have room for storage, or they go ahead to spend more money on a storage unit! It makes no financial sense to spend $100+ a month on storage for baby gear. By the time you have more children, newer models could be released with improved safety features or designs. With our Money Back Value Guarantee, your later child will also benefit from the newest items, and you’ll still spend less than buying outright and storing. Selling stuff always sounds like a good idea, but it does take a lot of time and energy, especially while caring for an infant. Not everyone wants to haggle with internet strangers or give them their home address. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll get very much money back, especially if newer models were released. And it's just clutter until you finally get around to it. This is why most people give up and just give or throw things away.
  • What if I stain, damage, or lose an item?
    We understand that babies are messy and that items will undergo normal wear and tear. We ask that parents simply take care of the items as if they were their own, so that other members can enjoy them too. We make every effort to refresh an item to excellent condition. If there is permanent staining or damage that we cannot easily repair, or if you lose an item, then the cost of repair or replacement parts or replacement items will be charged against your deposit. If charges exceed your deposit, your credit card on file will be charged for the remaining amount.
  • Do you have a Return Policy?
    If you register for a plan membership, but haven't selected any items, you will receive a full refund of all unused membership fees and deposits. If you cancel after selecting items, even if they haven't been delivered, they have already been purchased or reserved for you, in which case the one month minimum applies. When you cancel an active plan membership, membership fees will accrue until our receipt of all borrowed items, one month minimum. Unused time in any rental month after a cancellation is not refunded. Partial months are not refunded. Prepaid membership fees for future months that are wholly unused are refundable. For a la carte and one-time reservations, for cancellations at least 72 hours prior to the reservation start date, customer has the choice to apply 100% of the rental amount to a future reservation or to receive 90% of the rental amount back to original form of payment. For cancellations within 72 hours of the reservation start date, 100% of your rental amount will be credited towards a future reservation. Refundable deposits are refunded 100% in the case of all cancellations occurring before customer receives gear. Gift cards are automatically applied to an active membership at the next billing. Any unused gift card balances are refundable to the original purchaser subject to a 10% processing fee. Purchases and buyouts of all items are “as is” and non-refundable.
  • ​I don’t live in one of the current cities, can I still join?
    You or someone in your community could start a Baby Gear Group branch! Please Contact Us at to learn more about what that entails!
  • What is the service area?
    Please check the Gear page for your location to see the local service areas.

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